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Kaone Kario by Robert Grischek

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You all have been so amazing, sweet and supportive so I guess this is my way of saying thank you.

Everything is new bought, so that you can fill it with your own energy ॐ


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Be nice, don’t cheat, have fun.

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☁ sky is not the limit


Mixing tribal prints and fearless cuts, KTZ created its own take on gladiators for spring/summer 2015. Not surprising when taking into account the label’s history, black and white were the colors of choice for sporty ensembles. Paired with gladiator sandals, graphic oversize tops created an armor while the use of mesh offered a certain vulnerability. Baggy shorts and voluminous outerwear offered a tough exterior as the show progressed. Creating a light and accessible chain-mail, an intricate print and the use of orange brought the collection full circle, offering varying degrees of fashionable edge.

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I adore her.

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Can I live here, please?


“Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intense love story in the 70s, performing art out of the van they lived in. When they felt the relationship had run its course, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last big hug in the middle and never seeing each other again. at her 2010 MoMa retrospective Marina performed ‘The Artist Is Present’ as part of the show, a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her. Ulay arrived without her knowing it and this is what happened.”

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French artist Xoil has a characteristic tattooing style that looks like he has stamped, stenciled, or drawn directly with a felt-tip pen on his clients’ bodies.

i will reblog these every time i see them because they are the most beautiful tattoos i’ve ever seen

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Model: Jake Bass

Photographer: Marco Ovando


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P. Marco Ovando
M. Jake Bass